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Uninvited Release Day! Plus, SALE

All Over You Series, Book Two!

Uninvited - Cover

Are you ready for Uninvited? There are two covers to choose from. One matches No Way Back, but the other is a *little* more discreet. (I couldn’t help it. When the cover designer put panties around a shoe I died laughing and had to keep it!) Signed copies are available via the “Shop” link but won’t ship until December 1 as I’m waiting for the books to arrive here. (If I get them sooner, you will too!)

I think you’re going to LOVE Silas. (Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Eleanor.) He’s sweet but naughty, and hell bent on getting the girl, even if it means playing dirty and taking our leading lady on a desk (or a table, in a closet…) to prove his point.

Signed copies of Uninvited are available in the shop on sale for $14.99. If e-books are your thing, head on over to Amazon. To celebrate the release of Uninvited, I’m making signed copies of No Way Back just $12.99 in my shop and e-books only .99 cents on Amazon!

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No Way Back – Signed Copies for sale soon!

No Way Back releases October 24, 2022

Coming to my site: Signed copies!

First up: No Way Back – on sale October 24!


When I had a one-night stand with the lead singer of my favorite band, Flight of the Dogs, I had no idea he’d show up looking for me six months later because he can’t stop thinking about me. I’m flattered, and don’t get me wrong, the sex was great and he’s hot as hell, but dating a rockstar comes with baggage I just don’t want. I prefer my quiet, anonymous life.

But Connor is persistent. And so very charming. Did I mention the amazing sex? Right, so I’m having a hard time resisting him. Until my fears come to fruition and a video of us is all over the internet, I’m a hashtag, and there’s drama with the band. I need to walk away from this chaos.

So why is it so hard?

No Way Back is a standalone open-door romance that mentions SA, drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

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No Way Back Cover Reveal Tomorrow!

No Way Back: All Over You Series, Book 1 – Kindle edition by MacGregor, Jillian. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

About No Way Back:

I was given backstage passes to meet my favorite band, Flight of the Dogs. I didn’t expect to have a one-night stand with the lead singer, Connor. But I really didn’t expect him to show up six months later telling me that he can’t get me out of his head.

Our chemistry is undeniable but dating a rockstar is hard when you are trying to be anonymous. And when my past comes back to haunt me, I just want to forget the whole thing. He’s not making that easy.

Author’s note: This book was previously posted on Kindle Vella under the same name.
No Way Back contains adult themes. Please see website for full details.

No Way Back is book 1 in the All Over You Series, however all books in this series are standalone and can be read in any order.

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FREE Romance Book Download! All Over You Available Now!


A bit about this free romance book/novelette: This is a short teaser for the full-length novel, No Way Back coming out October 24, 2022! This story features Connor, the lead singer in a successful rock band, and Mish, a nursing student. All Over You tells the story of how the two met from Connors POV and contains explicit scenes that are not appropriate for those under 18.

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All Over You Prequel Novelette Coming Soon!

It’s finally coming: The All Over You Series!

I’m so excited to share this series with you. I will be making the prequel novelette available for free if you sign up for my newsletter. Also releasing this fall are books 1 and 2 of the series: No Way Back and Uninvited! Cover reveals and release dates to be announced soon!

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Kindle Vella New Releases!

I added two new stories to Kindle Vella this month. In addition to new episodes of Uninvited coming out every Tuesday and Friday, No Way Back will also have 2 episodes a week, releasing on Mondays and Thursdays. Coming out on Wednesdays is The Drafts Folder.

No Way Back is the prequel to Uninvited and features Connor and Michelle’s story. Connor is the lead singer of a very popular band that is going through some issues. Michelle is a waitress/nursing school student. When the pair meet backstage two nights in a row, sparks fly. Connor seeks out Michelle during a tour hiatus along with his best friend, and the band’s manager, Kyle. is it possible to have a real relationship with a rockstar?

The Drafts Folder is not part of the No Way Back series. It is a separate blog-style story written from the perspective of Amelia Henstridge. Amelia’s best friend just died and she found out just days later that her boyfriend has “instantly fallen in love” with someone else. She’s at rock bottom. She uses her blog as an outlet for all of the things going on that would normally be what she went to her best friend with, but can’t anymore.

As always, the first three episodes of each Vella story are free, so check them out here: : jillian macgregor