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Now on Kindle Vella

I’ve been writing my first contemporary romance series, No Way Back! Somewhere in the middle of writing Uninvited I decided there was a story that should come before it. I’ve decided to post Uninvited as a series on Kindle Vella until No Way Back (Book One) is complete and published. I hope you check it out!

Uninvited is the story of Eleanor Roberts. Eleanor has been arranged to marry Mason Davis, son of the Vice President of the United States; a match that was made by VP Davis and her father, the Governor of Massachusetts when Mason and Eleanor were small children. Now that Mason is running for U.S. Senate, it is time to get married, but Eleanor isn’t quite ready to settle down yet.

She takes a secret second job working for a friend who has a band as their assistance and strategist. To keep her identity as concealed as possible, Eleanor creates an alter ego named “Len” who is the opposite of Eleanor in so many ways. Len is free-spirited and not at all concerned about public appearances (as long as no-one knows her true identity.) Out on the road with the band she meets Silas Browning, the band’s temporary manager. Silas and Len are immediately drawn to each other.

As the wedding draws near Eleanor has a choice to make: Go back to the life that was arranged for her or embrace her new identity and leave that old life behind.

New Episodes are released every Tuesday and Friday in Kindle Vella!