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Uninvited Release Day! Plus, SALE

All Over You Series, Book Two!

Uninvited - Cover

Are you ready for Uninvited? There are two covers to choose from. One matches No Way Back, but the other is a *little* more discreet. (I couldn’t help it. When the cover designer put panties around a shoe I died laughing and had to keep it!) Signed copies are available via the “Shop” link but won’t ship until December 1 as I’m waiting for the books to arrive here. (If I get them sooner, you will too!)

I think you’re going to LOVE Silas. (Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Eleanor.) He’s sweet but naughty, and hell bent on getting the girl, even if it means playing dirty and taking our leading lady on a desk (or a table, in a closet…) to prove his point.

Signed copies of Uninvited are available in the shop on sale for $14.99. If e-books are your thing, head on over to Amazon. To celebrate the release of Uninvited, I’m making signed copies of No Way Back just $12.99 in my shop and e-books only .99 cents on Amazon!