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Kindle Vella New Releases!

I added two new stories to Kindle Vella this month. In addition to new episodes of Uninvited coming out every Tuesday and Friday, No Way Back will also have 2 episodes a week, releasing on Mondays and Thursdays. Coming out on Wednesdays is The Drafts Folder.

No Way Back is the prequel to Uninvited and features Connor and Michelle’s story. Connor is the lead singer of a very popular band that is going through some issues. Michelle is a waitress/nursing school student. When the pair meet backstage two nights in a row, sparks fly. Connor seeks out Michelle during a tour hiatus along with his best friend, and the band’s manager, Kyle. is it possible to have a real relationship with a rockstar?

The Drafts Folder is not part of the No Way Back series. It is a separate blog-style story written from the perspective of Amelia Henstridge. Amelia’s best friend just died and she found out just days later that her boyfriend has “instantly fallen in love” with someone else. She’s at rock bottom. She uses her blog as an outlet for all of the things going on that would normally be what she went to her best friend with, but can’t anymore.

As always, the first three episodes of each Vella story are free, so check them out here: : jillian macgregor

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