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Signed copy of No Way Back


When I had a one-night stand with the lead singer of my favorite band, Flight of the Dogs, I had no idea he’d show up looking for me six months later because he can’t stop thinking about me. I’m flattered, and don’t get me wrong, the sex was great and he’s hot as hell, but dating a rockstar comes with baggage I just don’t want. I prefer my quiet, anonymous life.

But Connor is persistent. And so very charming. Did I mention the amazing sex? Right, so I’m having a hard time resisting him. Until my fears come to fruition and a video of us is all over the internet, I’m a hashtag, and there’s drama with the band. I need to walk away from this chaos.

So why is it so hard?

No Way Back is a standalone open-door romance that mentions SA, drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

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