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Free Steamy Romance for your New Year!

Happy 2023!

I’ve teamed up with other indie romance authors to offer FREE steamy reads to my readers! Click the banner to see what’s available. Download one, download them all!

I’d like to take this time to wish you all a very happy 2023. Coming this year from Jillian MacGregor:

Girl Like That — anticipated Spring 2023 — Catherine “Cee” Fuller has finally decided to take the plunge with her high school best friend, Elijah Jenkins.

Dirty Thoughts — anticipated Fall 2023 — Can Mason Davis keep his hands off his nanny, Candace Rodrigues? Probably not.

Catch up with the All Over You Series! Signed copies of No Way Back and Uninvited are available in My Shop or on Amazon!

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FREE Romance Book Download! All Over You Available Now!


A bit about this free romance book/novelette: This is a short teaser for the full-length novel, No Way Back coming out October 24, 2022! This story features Connor, the lead singer in a successful rock band, and Mish, a nursing student. All Over You tells the story of how the two met from Connors POV and contains explicit scenes that are not appropriate for those under 18.