Trigger and Content warnings

No Way Back

Explicit sexual situations, , drug/alcohol use/abuse. MFM, edging, voyeurism, and exhibition. Mention of SA/abortion


Explicit sex scenes, death of a family member, cancer, grief, controlling parental relationship, and drug/alcohol abuse/addiction., politics, family estrangement, drug use/abuse, Drug overdose (not detailed/MC), addiction, arranged marriage.

Beautiful Trauma (coming spring 2023)

  • Explicit sexual situations (including public sex, soft dom/sub, begging, biting, oral), Alcohol Consumption/abuse, Family Estrangement, Politics, Arranged Marriage (not MC), Drug Abuse, Overdose – Fatal (not detailed), Controlled Substance Usage (Marijuana, Stimulants (unnamed)Cocaine, Heroin), Addiction, Domestic Abuse (not witnessed), Child Abuse (not witnessed), Depression, Grief (Death of a Friend/Family Member/Partner), Suicide Ideation, Threat of Suicide, Possessiveness, Cancer, Codependency