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Like Sugar ebook

Like Sugar ebook

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Things get super spicy when Senator Mason Davis hires a nanny for his son.

I cannot be involved in another scandal. I was elected to the US Senate less than a year ago and already had a secret baby and divorced my wife of only a few months. But when my four-year-old son needs full-time care and I'm thrust into single dad mode I need help. I need a nanny.

When I asked my assistant to find me a last-minute nanny, I pictured an older woman. A grandmother, perhaps. Instead, I get Candace. She's ten years younger than me, and tempting as hell. I need to stay focused on being a dad and a senator and leave the sexy nanny alone.

I had planned to spend some time writing m first novel, but my mother volunteered me to be a temporary nanny. In a matter of days I'm a thousand miles from home and taking care of an adorable little boy. And his father. I shouldn't want him, but I do. Maybe if we just hook up once and get it out of our system?

Like Sugar is the fourth book in the All Over You Series. While this book can be read on its own, it is highly recommended that you read Beautiful Trauma (book 3) first as there are spoilers!

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